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Saturday, 23 July 2011

What to wear?!?

Why is deciding what to wear to go out one of the hardest desicions a girl can make? I'm usually a dress girl but recently I have found the shops to be pretty rubbish- either that or I've out shopped them and already have all the good stuff (I wish).

So tonight I am going out with old old old school friends (I'm talking primary school here!) We fell out during high school and started talking again after a few years later but only the odd hi's. We recently met again at a christening and the 2 girls (lets call them Laura and Jodie) asked me to go out with them (probably because I'm such good fun to hang around with and they've missed me millions).

I said yes never thinking they'd call but they have and although I'm looking forward to it I am actually dreading it too. These girls are HOT I'm talking super HOT- so that means the pressures on right? And the dreaded what to wear tonight desicion is made even harder because lets face it, I know many girls don't admit this but we are all competing.

I've had a reaction to some new moisturising products recently and thus my face looks like disease. So must must must do a good make up job tonight- I'm thinking Estee Lauder Double wear foundation- nothing gets out through that beast- I love it. So now thats sorted I have the even harder descion of clothing and thought I'd share my options with the world incase any other poor girl is in the same or similiar situation:

1. The good old savior dress
You know the one you were whenever you're stuck for what else to wear. Everyone has one of these dresses. The one everyone loves and compliments you in. The one that suits your figure to a tea. The only problem is as the shops have let me down badly recently I fear the world has seen too much of this dress.

2. The PANIC buy
The one you buy when you fear there is nothing else. For me that one was this cut out dress from Lipsy. I love Lipsy dresses and although this one is nice I dont really think black is appropriate for the 'yeah you're hot but look at me look' I'm going for (again I wish) Plus I'm not feeling at my slimmest today- too much treat eating this week at work- (I swear the whole office is full of feeders) so probs not a good look with an inch of flab hanging out of the cut out section!!

3. The not really me but sould I try it?

OK so after hours and hours of searching for an outfit I finally clapped my eyes on this shorts and bodysuit combo from Miss Selfridge. I'm not 100% sure about it as it is something I've never wore before for a night out (as I say I'm very much a dress girl) but weirdly I like it- It really flatters my figure. Theres only one problem will I be out dressed by lots of fabulous dresses -(I hope not because if I couldn't find it with my hours and hours of shopping I'm hoping they couldn't either. What does everyone else think? Is this the right adobe for a night on the town? I'm wearing it with some gorgeous tan heals I got from New Look (in the sale for £14- bargain) and I'm undecided about the bra situation (do I need one or not?) My good friend suggested not but I purchased a new gorgeous one anyway just incase but also got some fabulous nipple daisies from La Senza so I'll make that call later. Or maybe the psychic I'm seeing later wil help with with this difficult decision?!?

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