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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Casual, City Chic or Date Night Tops

I don't know about all you fashionista's but I am very much a dress girl- I rarely wear jeans or trousers, I'm bottom heavy and don't really feel as comfortable in them, a lovely dress suits my figure much more. However recently I have bought a new pair of jeans from Topshop (The only pair I own) and although I still prefer my dresses, my bum doesn't look too bad in the new denim threads (with some heals of course). The only problem is I don't have any tops (you don't really find the need for tops if you live in dresses everyday like me).

So I spent a bit of time over the weekend searching for cool casual tops and more dressy blouses to wear with the new denims. Here is what I found:

Because Barbie gets too much credit:

£14.99 Truffle Shuffle

Ok so this is really not me, and I think if any of my friends saw me in this it would shock the hell out of them, but I'm loving it. Now I've got my new jeans I can be a bit more casual in the daytime and this screams casual chic.

Get it here

City Chic:
£25 ASOS

This on the other hand is very me. I love it, and it probably won't be as much of a shock for my friends if I wear this with the jeans for the first time, great for work wear and will dress up your denims.

Available here

Date Night:
£55 Warehouse
Wow. This is definitely my favourite of all the tops I found, (although not strictly a top more of a shrug) isn't it amazing? You could wear it with a plain vest top and would look perfect for a date or evening meal with friends.

Available here

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