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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Wednesday's Wishes # 1

There are many fashion and beauty products that my budget won't stretch to at the minute or that I want but simply haven't found the right one yet. So I have created a wish list and I thought I would share some of this list with my readers and would love for people to comment on this post if they have tried and of the products below or have any feedback/recommendations.

1: Casual T-Shirt- I am looking for a fun day time t-shirt, I am loving the ones on Truffle Shuffle but am currently searching for the right one to buy.

2: No7 Beauty Balm- I love Clarins Beauty Flash Balm but I'm really intrigued to try No7's cheaper version (I think it retails at around £16- so almost half the price of Clarins) I think I will buy this once my Clarins runs out to see if it is as good as I'm always up for any money saving. Anyone tried it yet?

3: Designer Handbag: I got a Chanel hand bag as a gift a few years ago and was distraught when it got ruined by my dog. Now I am in desperate need of a replacement but need to get the money and make a decision on which brand/style. I'd love another Chanel one but also quite liking some of the Marc Jacobs arm candy too.

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