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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Less is PWHOAR

So if I'm being completely honest I am not the most natural of girls. I'm a fake tan addict and never leave the house without double layer foundation, bronzer, blusher, eye liner, mascara and lip gloss, but saying that I think the most beautiful girls in the world are: Caggie Dunlop, Kate & Pippa Middleton and surprisingly these girls don't wear much make up. I love there look but I always think that I need to plaster my face with make up to make myself look good.

This week I've been working on a photoshoot and on the first day of shooting the photographer and stylist both commented on the level of make up I wear and the fake tan so I decided that today I would tone it down a little to see if I could pull of the au naturale look.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Caggie, Pippa and Kate I wore: Clinique Superbalanced foundation (instead of my usual Estee Lauder Double Wear) Clinique blusher in Iced Lotus (I usually wear a much darker colour), and a really small amount of Maybelline Falsies Volume Express mascara (as apposed to my usual 100 layers of it).

The Results:

I really liked my new look. Less is definitely pwhoar. I looked really fresh faced and the make up simply enhanced my natural beauty rather than creating a mask for my face and turning me into someone that is not me. Don't get me wrong: I am not completely ditching the bronzed heavy make up look. I think for nights out I will stick to using bronzer, eye shadow, gel eyeliner, and spidery lashes created by YSL or Maybelline Falsies mascara but I am really going to tone it down to a more natural look for day time.

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