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Monday, 1 August 2011

Inspired by Kate

Yesterday’s Silent Sunday post was an image of the gorgeous Duchess of Cambridge, wife to the future king Kate. I’m so jealous, not only is she super stunning but she is a true style icon and she’s bagged herself England’s most eligible bachelor.
Yesterday Kate really inspired me when I saw what she wore to the wedding of Zara Phillips. Although many of Kate’s outfits I wouldn’t dream of wearing myself- that doesn’t mean to say I don’t love them. I think her outfits are classy and perfect for royalty. I’m sure if I was to bag Prince Harry my wardrobe would need a major transformation and I’d like to think I would dress similar to Kate- I don’t think the Queen would appreciate my current outfit choices for dinner dates at Buckingham Palace.
You see me and Kate are unfortunately for me very different- I’m a young 24 year old, struggling to pay of my student debt (my shopping addiction really doesn’t help the situation) and Kate is now a member of the royal family with no money worries whatsoever. She is constantly in the public eye and as a representative of British royalty it is imperative that the way she acts/dresses/speaks/eats/walks/smiles/drinks is that of a future Queen, but let’s not forget life wasn’t always like this for Kate:

There’s hope for me yet, if Kate can go from this to super hot royalty, maybe I can set my sights on Prince Harry?
Anyways what this post is all about is this. When I saw Kate’s outfit choice for the second royal wedding of the year I thought I’m sure I recognise that and I was right. Kate actually wore this same attire in 2006 at the nuptials of Laura Parker Bowles.

At Zara Phillips Wedding

In 2006 at the nuptials of Laura Parker Bowles
After undertaking a little bit more research I discovered that this is not the first time Kate has worn the same outfit twice. Take a look at these images:

In LAthis month

At Zara Phillips' pre wedding party
Night out in London in 2007

In June at a friends wedding
At the Duke of Edinburgh's 90th Birthday and again in 2009

So if it’s good enough for Kate it’s definitely good enough for me. She even wore the green dress twice in one month!
I’d love to say I never wear the same outfit twice- but that’s not true, I do however thoroughly assess the situation before re-wearing a previous outfit:
  • When was the last time I wore it?
  • Are there Facebook pictures?
  • Was it with a different group of people?
  • Have these people seen me in this dress before?
Come on all girls we all do this right?

What this Kate research has taught me is not to be so analytical when it comes to wearing the same outfit twice. Who cares really- if it’s hot it’s hot, and hopefully next time I’m getting ready to go out I will keep this in mind. Recycling=New trend of 2011.

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